Suggest a Micro Project

From time to time, the Canadian International Learning Foundation funds small-scale projects at potential partner schools. These micro-projects are designed to provide maximum impact at minimal costs – to qualify, projects must be able to stand alone and cost less than $1,500. Not only do these projects help to promote education in the areas that need it most, they also help CanILF to identify future long-term partners.

Examples of Potential Micro Projects:

  • Scholarships for 10 students to complete a one-year course in basic entrepreneurship, at a cost of $12 per student per month, for a total cost of $1,200;
  • The purchase of flat screen monitors which will significantly reduce power consumption at a school with an established history of using computers; or
  • The purchase of bookcases and assistance with purchasing and / or shipping a few hundred books in order to establish a small library, at a total cost of $850.

If you would like to suggest a micro-project at an established school (at least two years of operations) in an area affected by war, illness or poverty, please write to us at [email protected].

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