Take the 5 Minute Challenge

You can make a difference in only five minutes! Take a few moments out of your day and help provide life-changing education for  people in at-risk areas in Canada and around the world.

In just five minutes, you can:

  • Print one of our posters or some flyers at home and post them at your office or in your classroom;

  • Write an email to a news outlet and tell them about CanILF;

  • Help us raise awareness about the needs of students in Afghanistan, Uganda and other at-risk areas by joining CanILF, the Afghan School Project and the Uganda Literacy and Education Program on Facebook;

  • Tell five friends about CanILF and our education projects around the world; or

  • Stay in touch with us via RSS, Twitter, or e-mail subscription.

Check back soon, as we continue to add and improve our “5 Minute Volunteering” Section. Do you have a suggestion for how people can get involved? Write to us at [email protected]!

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