Success Stories

The following are just a small sample of the many success stories that our partner schools have helped our students achieve with the assistance of the Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) and our supporters.

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Business Management Development Program

(Women’s Program)

Fifteen trainees secured highly paid employment in different organizations demanding project management and administrative skills while others, already on-the-job, brought greater values and promotions to their organizations as a result of the training they received at the Afghan-Canadian Community Center. One of the trainees said, “After I completed the project management course, I opened my own company of supply and services. I plan, organize, execute and control all activities around my company. I write proposals and reports myself. My family members are my team. I have also hired a few more people from outside.”

Business Management Course

(Women’s Program)

While training, all of the 12 participants (who secured highly paid employment during the late 2007 and early 2008) continued to give high working values to the organizations they are working with. Sharifa, one of the trainees said, “After I took the leadership course and learned the skills how to form and lead a team, I was able to make up an effective team for my company. My boss is very happy and now he is considering a higher position in the company for me.”

Health Care Promotion Program

(Women’s Program)

With completion of this course, several students have gone to taking jobs that demand their new skills. This group of previously disadvantaged students made great progress with increased interest in their course. These trainees have brought good values and promotions to the institution they are associated with. Some of the trainees who come from Mirwais Hospital said, “We have been both effective and efficient workers in our workplace environment in handling sanitation and hygiene matters, delivery cases and vaccination in our hospital.”

Computer Training Development Program

(Women’s Program)

Several trainees said that they are training their brothers at home. They said that their have graphics designer shops in the market and the skills they get from us they apply them in their workplace environment, and their businesses’ profits have doubled.

Others have helped their families organize and computerize their businesses data and filing systems. Meanwhile, the trainees themselves said they passed tests and interviews and were placed with jobs demanding computer skills in different organizations.

One of the trainees said, “I am helping learn computer to my father. He is a police officer and he enjoys using computer in his official work. He says it would take days for him to find a file, but now he says he can find a file with a second and his filing system is better organized than before.”

English Language Development Program

(Women’s Program)

The courses have directly promoted women capacity and have

increased their work efficiency. This course directly contributed to these women to receive highly paid employment demanding English language skills in different organizations. These students now regularly use internet and search topics of their interest to get exposed to wider genre of knowledge. Many students’ parents wrote that they were pleased with the performance of ACCC in educating their daughters.

Education Generation Hosts ACCC Students Profiles, Brings Together Students and Donors

Ali Raza, one of the beneficiaries of the Education Generation program said, “My father is a school teacher and his monthly salary is less than $70, which is not enough to support our family expenses. I thank the Education Generation and the supporters of ACCC to have provided me with the opportunity to get the education I want.”

Kandahar Afghanistan

Women’s Internet Café

The Internet facility at ACCC, without a doubt, has had a significant impact on broadening of ACCC’s students scope of general knowledge and enlarging their vision and broadening their mind. “I am a mother of one daughter. After I married, I left school and was home jobless, my husband jobless too, I knew few people to contact. Our neighbour’s daughter, who is the ACCC student, one day brought me here to the ACCC internet café and she helped search a job for me on the internet. Luckily we saw a job opportunity ‘public awareness officer needed,’ I soon applied and got the job. We are a happy family now, thanks to the Canadian Center,” a visitor to the ACCC internet cafe said while smiling widely to her baby daughter getting fed from a milk bottle.

Personal Reflections of Suhila: “Why I Want to be a Project Manager”

Suhila is one of the students at the Afghan-Canadian Community Center who studies Business Management online with the Southern Alberta Institution of Technology (SAIT). She has performed very well on her courses, and has demonstrated a great deal of skill and determination. Here, she describes why she wants to be a project manager in Afghanistan:

My country had been in war for the past 37 years so it obvious how it has become mismanaged from the top to bottom. Each department has an absolute-empowered leader who runs projects by forcing and threatening the employees; no team work, no co-operation, no meetings, no internal or external supervision in order to get their employees ideas, suggestion and make them more independent, creative, and responsible for the enhancement of their Department.

In each department the super-empowered civilians work for their own good, hiring their own relatives. They don’t work for the communities. For example; countries try to convince the Afghan students in school by giving them packages of oil monthly, biscuits daily, school uniform once a year, tooth brush and tooth paste in order to improve their health and help their economic situation. Once the supplies are in the school, students get the package of oil for the first month and the rest of the packages are gone. No one knows where, when and who got the rest of the donations, but when you go out in the market, you will see the oil, the biscuits, the tooth brush, tooth pastes as well as the dates that they have been sold in the markets and the money in the pockets of ?????. Furthermore, there is no one to supervise what is going on in the schools or any other departments.

As there is a lack of qualified project managers all over Afghanistan, therefore one of my personal milestones, after I studied hard, is to be a qualified project manager. In this way, I can effectively manage the entire situation and bring projects to completion while keeping a tight restriction on budgets (costs), schedules (time), and, quality. I can be a quick decision maker for the purpose of having a well-prosperous Afghanistan that needs to acquire a person with theses set of skills to manage projects and solve variety of problems during the execution of a project.

In order to support the recovery process in which the entire country is now engaged, the future generations of Afghanistan have the responsibility to build the capacity of communities, predominantly women, to develop locally sustainable development programs in literacy, health and other needed sectors.  It’s not necessary that a project manager should always carry long term projects such as; managing Organizations, NGOs, companies, etc. A project manager can also be, for example, a housewife, a teacher, a cook or a tailor. What matters is how you manage yourself, your work, your performance, your organization, your society and your country.

– Suhila

Personal Reflections: Grateful Student Says “Thank You” to ACCC Director

Hamida, a former student now studying in India, recently wrote a letter to Ehsanullah Ehsan, Director of the Afghan-Canadian Community Center. This excerpt from the letter shows the way that the gift of education can truly change someone’s life, and how our students truly appreciate the vital assistance provided by our donors:

I am one of those girls who have learned the English language directly from you and some of the computer programs you provide. Because of the English instruction I received from your school, I am doing my B.A. in India and am ranked fourth in my class of more than 100 students. Everything I am able to accomplish is because of you. Hedayatullah Rahmati, my classmate, is the first-ranked student in our course, and he also studied English and computers under your supervision.

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