Yemen Micro-Project

The Yemen Micro-Project (YMP) was The Canadian International Learning Foundation’s (CanILF) first project in the Middle East.  The YMP’s goal was to help to connect local partners in Yemen with educational and information technology expertise in Canada through collaborative initiatives.  Canada Bridges, an organization that has extensive experience in offering business education in Yemen, has agreed to help CanILF choose suitable partners and establish relationships with the Government of Yemen.

The YMP was to be a two-phase initiative. The first phase of the project will connect students in Sana’a and Hadhramout, Yemen, with online English courses donated by Intuto Canada through CanILF.  During phase two, CanILF sought to provide the support needed to boost the information technology capacity of selected Yemeni youth organizations in those cities, providing better accessibility to educational programs from Canada and opportunities for learning.

The YMP has now concluded.

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