CanILF in the Classroom

Far too often, we take our access to education for granted. But what if you lived in a country where the literacy rate was below 30%? What if a year of schooling cost almost as much as your entire household income? What if you were threatened just for going to school?

Women in Afghanistan face these kinds of challenges every day – but you can help make a difference. Through the Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF), your class can adopt an Afghan student. CanILF is a volunteer-run, registered Canadian charity which provides administrative and financial support to the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies (KIMS), a post-secondary school in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

KIMS is a leading provider of the type of women’s education that was banned under the Taliban regime. In addition to classes in business management and information technology, KIMS provides basic health and literacy training and offers internet access to members of the community at no charge.

The average cost of one year of tuition at KIMS is $240, with some students attending for as little as $120 per year. Women attend the school for free, with their tuition subsidized by generous Canadians, through a grant from the U.S. State Department and modest student fees paid by male students.

If your class or school is looking for a social justice project, adopting a student at KIMS is the perfect place to start. Your students will be able to communicate with the Afghan student whose education they are helping to fund. This will give your students a new appreciation for their own education and inspire your adopted student to repay your gift by making a lasting contribution to her community and the future of Afghanistan.

The senior staff of CanILF will also be glad to visit your class and speak with your students regarding our programs and how they are making a difference in the lives of Afghan women. We are also ready to help your students develop fundraising events and activities to raise the money needed to sponsor a student.

If your class or school would like to adopt an Afghan student, contact us at [email protected] or (613) 503-5349. 100% of all donations made via the Adopt a Student program go directly to funding scholarships at KIMS.

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