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Online English classes are currently only available for students at CanILF’s partner schools in Afghanistan and Yemen. If you are a student at one of these schools, please contact speak with your Director and then contact us at [email protected] to apply. Please note that you must complete an assessment before you can begin a course.

Online English Courses – Our goal is to help you improve your English language skills as fast as possible. To help you reach your goals faster – whether it’s simply to learn English or to enter a career course, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our online English courses.

Learning English online can help you if –

  • You would like to accelerate your language learning

  • You are struggling with a particular skill, e.g. reading or listening

  • You would like to learn hundreds of new words in record time

  • You are preparing for an English test, like TOEFL or IELTS

  • You are preparing for academic studies in Canada

But don’t just take our word for it. Amandeep Sekhon was at 5.0 in IELTS and went to 7.0 in just four months – studying our online IELTS course. Here’s what she said;

Your course was really good – I got 7.0 (IELTS) bands in reading & 7.5 in speaking. I never bored while studying your academic course because it contains a lot of informative material. In the end, I can say, your course is the best.

Imagine what you can achieve!

Why study English online?

Studying English online is new to most people. But you will be glad to know that it’s very similar to learning English in the classroom – only here you get ALL the attention. That means you can improve your English much faster, at your own pace, in your own time – and, for successful applicants, the cost of your course has been donated by Intuto Canada!

All our courses are really interactive, which means you won’t get bored. You can repeat all the lessons as many times as you like, so you are sure to improve exactly the skills you want. And when you buy a course, you have unlimited access to it – that means you can study for an hour three times a week, or four hours five times a week. You decide!

There is help online if you need it and you get a Study Plan when you sign up. And very importantly, you receive a Certificate of Study from the Canadian International Learning Foundation and our partner school (either the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies in Afghanistan or the Youth Leadership Development Foundation in Yemen) once you have completed your course.

If you are not sure which course to study or which level you’re at, try out our online assessment. It’s completely free and only takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete.


Once you’ve finished the assessment you can see here which courses are right for you.

Low Beginner High Beginner Low Intermediate High Intermediate Low Advanced High Advanced
General English General English General English General English General English General English
Hospitality Hospitality Business Business Business

Academic Vocab Academic Vocab Academic Vocab

Courses available –

English for Business

English for Business is one of the most comprehensive online resources for people who would like to improve their proficiency in general and business English. There are more than eighty lessons and topics in each of the four skills sections.

The course consists of hundreds of interactive practise exercises based on input from written and spoken texts (audio and video) that are commonly used in a work or business situation. It provides you with the opportunity to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills while also building your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary specific to a Business context.

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IELTS Test Preparation

If you need to take an IELTS test for academic entrance or immigration purposes, this online IELTS Test Preparation tutorial will help you get the score you deserve. This is the most comprehensive online test preparation program on the market, instructing you in all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The IELTS preparation package provides over 800 hours of online learning and you can repeat all lessons as many times as you like.

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Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary is an interactive, online resource which was developed specifically for the vocabulary needs of international students preparing to take exams or begin postsecondary study in English-speaking countries.

The course contains a variety of exercises aimed at helping you recognize and reproduce 570 of the most frequently-used academic words in English. Altogether, there are 10 sub-lists of academic vocabulary with exercises, separated to make learning easy. By completing one unit every day, within one month, up to 240 words can become part of your vocabulary range.

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General English

We offer six different General English courses from Low Beginner to High Advanced levels.

The Low Beginner level is suitable for beginning learners and includes extra support for everything from handwriting to pronunciation.

High Beginner and Low Intermediate are task-based and interactive courses, giving you opportunities to learn and use new language in real-life situations.

The higher three levels follow a skills-based approach. Language learning moves from vocabulary and task-based approaches that focus on fluency development to one more clearly focused on accuracy and complexity.

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English for IT

This course prepares you for the everyday use of computers for work, study and leisure. The course has four levels and includes many exercises around vocabulary covering software, hardware, email, internet, use of computers, desktop publishing, databases, etc.

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English for Health

English for Health is designed for people working or hoping to work in the Healthcare Sector. It provides interactive learning material for students to practice their language skills at Intermediate to Advanced proficiency levels.

This course provides you with a wide range of authentic health-related speaking and listening situations. You will be able to learn and practise the target language through stimulating communicative tasks and activities. You will also focus on developing the vocabulary and the language you need to function successfully in common everyday health contexts.

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2000 Word List

The second 1000 words on the official word list. If you are struggling with vocabulary and would like to increase your fluency in speaking and writing this course will significantly increase your skills. 10 new words are introduced per lesson followed by many interactive lessons including listening, writing & reading.

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English for Hospitality

English for Hospitality is an interactive course designed to help you learn the fundamentals of working in the hospitality industry. By studying with us you will learn not only new language skills, but most importantly how to practically apply them in everyday work situations. You will learn –

  • How to handle telephone calls for purposes such as taking messages and reservations, giving information and answering questions.

  • How to receive guests at the hotel front desk or restaurant reception, ask for information, explain services and facilities and politely respond to guests when unable to help.

  • How to give directions inside and outside the hotel, respond to room service and housekeeping requests and take orders in a restaurant café or bar.

  • How to deal with complaints, process bills and deal with payment problems.

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