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The Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) is a volunteer-run registered Canadian charity which provides education and mentors educators in areas of the world affected by war, illness and poverty (at-risk areas).

CanILF helps in several different ways:

Scholarships and Infrastructure – We award scholarships to students who demonstrate academic potential, community service and leadership, and provide educational equipment (such as computers or textbooks) to our partner schools;

Online Courses – Offering education (such as courses in entrepreneurship, business management or Information Technology) to students via the Internet; and

Mentoring Educators – Providing advice, instruction and practical assistance on curriculum development, technology and infrastructure, public relations and strategic planning to the leaders of educational institutions.

CanILF sponsors scholarships, purchases equipment and provides development assistance for a school in Kandahar (The Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies) as part of our Afghan School Project (ASP). Through the Afghan School Project, we have helped hundreds of students obtain high-paying employment that allows them to provide a living for themselves and their families while participating in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The Learning Foundation also sponsored students and provides educational equipment for St. Paul’s Kabira Adult Attention and School of Orphans (KAASO) via the Uganda Literacy and Education Program (ULEP). CanILF sponsored 50 student scholarships through KAASO’s Community Empowerment Program, which continues to  provide training in business, literacy, and small-scale industry and agriculture.

For further information on either project, please visit our Projects section.

The Foundation’s Adopt-A-Student Program is a great way for donors to learn more about the students they’re helping or sponsor a student in someone’s name as a gift for a wedding, birthday or holiday. Adopt-A-Student also makes a great way for a class, group or workplace to give back. To learn more, please click here.

We need your help to provide life-changing education to those who need it most.  When it costs less as little as $10 to send one of our students to school for a month, you don’t have to make a big donation to make a big difference. Please Donate, and help change a life.

Help us raise awareness about the needs of students in Afghanistan, Uganda and other at-risk areas – join CanILF, the Afghan School Project and the Uganda Literacy and Education Program on Facebook. Stay in touch with us via RSS, Twitter, or email subscription.



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