Afghan School Project

CanILF offers financial and administrative support to a post-secondary school in Kandahar, Afghanistan (The Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies or KIMS) via our Afghan School Project. KIMS provides courses in Business Management, Information Technology, English and Health Care to over 1,500 men and women in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Students at KIMS also receive recognized Canadian online education via the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Canada e-School.

The school’s programs provide students the skills needed to obtain employment which allow them to support themselves and their families, give back to their communities and participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Approximately 500 students have already obtained employment or promotions as a result of the professional education provided by KIMS and facilitated by CanILF. Once employed, each KIMS student or graduate uses their wages to provide financial support to between 5 and 6 members of their immediate and extended family, on average.

Financial support from CanILF is provided as scholarships to Afghan students who demonstrate academic potential, leadership and community service, and through the purchase of computers, textbooks and additional material needed to provide effective education. The cost-per-student for students to attend KIMS ranges from $10 to $25 per month, depending on the program.

KIMS (formerly the ACCC) has been prominently featured in international and local media, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Global National, the Canadian Press, the Toronto Star, Ariana Television, Afghan National Television, Kandahar Television, Afghanistan Alive Magazine, and many others. For links to the ACCC and KIMS media coverage, please see our Media section.

We need your support to help the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies provide students with classes and access to modern educational equipment. Please click here to Donate.

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