We are looking for full and part-time volunteers to join the Canadian International Learning Foundation. CanILF is a registered Canadian charity which provides and promotes education in areas affected by war, poverty and illness. We are volunteer-run and, unless otherwise requested, all donations are used to support our projects. Please visit the Projects section of our menu for further information regarding our current projects.

We are seeking volunteers for the positions of Project Manager, Online Instructor (English / Computing / Business), Staff Writer, Report Writer, Public Relations, Fundraiser, Event Planner, Website Administrator and Project Support Staff.

We provide our volunteers with mentoring and professional development training. We would also greatly appreciate pro-bono assistance from a Chartered Accountant. If you do not wish to apply for any of these positions but feel that your skills would be of value to CanILF, please contact us at [email protected] and let us know how you would like to contribute.

To apply, please submit your resume to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.) Would the volunteer have to go to Afghanistan, Uganda, or another at-risk region?

A.) Currently, all work in Afghanistan and other regions of operation is managed by our local partners. Travel between Canada and Afghanistan is simply too expensive for an organization of our size. Travel opportunities to Uganda and other countries may arise in the future, but presently there are no planned trips to Afghanistan. Under no circumstances would volunteers be required to travel to Afghanistan.

Q.) What kind of work experience would I get from this?

A.) Depending on your interests and availability, you could be exposed to all aspects of managing and operating a small international non-profit organization. We also work closely with large Canadian and international development organizations. We would glad to offer references and letters of recommendation to volunteers who work with us for at least a few months.

Q.) What’s involved with the application process?

A.) Simply send us an e-mail with your resume at [email protected]. We will then arrange a meeting (online or in person) to discuss the Foundation, the positions available and how you can get involved. If you qualify for a position, you will be invited to join the Canadian International Learning Foundation. This process can be accomplished in a week or so.

Q.) Aside from the qualifications listed with the position, what are you looking for in your volunteers?

A.) Volunteers should have good to excellent computer skills. They should also display a high degree of leadership and initiative and be able to work under minimal supervision. They should not be afraid to seek guidance when necessary.

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