About Donating

We need your help to provide life-changing education to those who need it most.  When it costs less than $15 to send one of our students to school for a month, you don’t have to make a big donation to make a big difference. Please Donate now, and help change a life.

Here are a few examples of what donations to the Canadian International Learning Foundation can accomplish:

$60.00 – One term (four months) of post-secondary education.

$160.00 – Used tape recorders for four classrooms, to help students learn new languages.

$240.00 – A year of intensive professional training, such as Business Management, complimented with additional language training.

$375.00 – A set of large back-up batteries, which reduces a school’s reliance on expensive generator power.

$2,000 – The cost of sponsoring Information and Computing Technology training for ten students for one full year.

CanILF is a registered charity, and 100% of all donations support our international projects (unless otherwise requested).

* Note: Donations made via Education Generation are not eligible for tax receipts at this time.

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