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CanILF depends tremendously on its volunteer resources and is proud of its status as a 100% volunteer-run organization. At any given time CanILF can have a staff of up to twenty active volunteers, all contributing when they have some free time and enhancing their professional skills. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to find a way to contribute that will make the best use of your skills and respect your current commitments.

The Canadian International Learning Foundation formed a Board of Directors in 2011 after registering formally as a charity in 2009. Below is the current list of the Board and a description of their role as part of the management team:

Ryan Aldred (President) – A Sergeant in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve. He has extensive experience in business management and long-term planning. Ryan has volunteered with numerous charitable organizations, including programs offering gifted and special needs education. He is responsible for business planning, public relations and fundraising. He also advises on strategic planning and liaising with other organizations.

Andrea Aldred (VP Operations) – A chemical engineer employed by Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa. She has more than a decade of experience with charitable organizations, and has prepared technical reports on emerging low-cost technologies suitable for implementation in developing countries. Her responsibilities include project administration, strategic planning, and assisting with the development of the project’s communications strategy.

Andrew Limmert (VP Communications) – A business management consultant with a background in communications, information management and transition management, he has implemented strategies for managing projects with diverse business objectives and operating environments. He also has extensive experience in providing strategic direction to a wide range of Canadian federal clients as a project manager and business analyst. Andrew co-ordinates CanILF’s communications, from managing the Foundation’s online presence and news releases to advising implementing partners, such as the Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies (KIMS), in their monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Rizwan Jiwan (VP Information) – A computer engineer with Research in Motion (RIM). He recently completed a Masters of Business Administration program from the University of Toronto. Rizwan was previously employed at Hummingbird as software engineer, and has also managed the computer infrastructure for several university organizations. His responsibilities include technical guidance and implementation, and he advises on business planning.

Robyn Crawford (Board Member)

Erin Collins (Board Member)

Amanda Hartholt (Board Member)

Shareif Mahmoud (Board Member)

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