Classroom Fundraising Success

Yimeng Wang and a few of her friends got together and held a fundraiser for CanILF as a school project. Their efforts now allow a student in Afghanistan to attend school for an entire year! Here is her description of the project. Many thanks to Yimeng, Sanghoon, Jack and Shayna!

From Yimeng:

Who Says Kids Can’t Make a Difference? Four Kids Raise $128 for CanILF

It was through a school project on social justice that our group found out about the Canadian International Learning Foundation. This project on global education required several periods of research on the topic. During one such period, we discovered a website belonging to a volunteer-run organization dedicated to fighting for worldwide education- Coincidentally, we needed to support an organization that supported this subject area and the Canadian International Learning Foundation fit the requirements perfectly. Through the website, we managed to generate a basis for our campaign. Based on suggested ideas and past fundraisers, we decided to host a bake sale. We won the in-class vote on which organization to sponsor resulting in whole class support for our fundraiser.

Once that was settled, we had to consider how to advertise our fundraiser, and pull it off. With help from Ryan Aldred, the president of the organization, we managed to piece together a draft of how everything should go, and finalized it prior to an announcement made to the whole school. After all the oral preparations, we were finally ready to start the physical ones; baking.

We asked the class for help bringing in baked goods. We ourselves tried to bake as much as possible. The end result was a cartload of treats; tray after tray of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and squares. When we began to lay everything out on the table, the amount of food we managed to bring in was amazing. With some posters set up around the stand, we were ready to meet the consumer needs. Our display attracted the attention of so many people; students of all ages lined up, clamoring for our selections. Several passing teachers joined in the fun and the line to our sale stretched out all the way down the hall. By the end of recess, we had sold out and earned a hefty sum, considering the circumstances. Our whole class found the bake sale to be a very enjoyable experience, knowing that we had a made a difference made it even better. We are very proud to have been able to donate to CanILF, and help children around the world receive a better education.

Aurora Senior Public School

Sanghoon Oh, Jack Pan, Shayna Pan, Yimeng Wang


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