Educators in at-risk areas invited to receive help from skilled online volunteers

The Canadian International Learning Foundation is looking for educators in regions affected by war, illness or poverty to join our new Educator Volunteer Network (EVN).

The EVN is a social website ( where educators can receive mentoring and one-on-one assistance from online volunteers in a range of fields, including teacher training, information technology, communications and strategy. The EVN also provides educators and volunteers with training, a library of resources and a place to share information and ideas together online.

For example, the EVN volunteers and resources could help you to improve a mathematics course you are teaching, write a grant request letter or plan for the future years of your school.

Both educators and volunteers must apply to be members of the EVN.  There is no charge for membership. If you think the EVN could help you to help your students, please read the information below and apply to join.

Areas of Assistance

  • Education Development: Developing curriculum plans and specific lessons and creating partnerships with recognized educational institutions.

Examples: Editing English or mathematics lessons, or obtaining online classes from accredited institutions in the United States or Canada.

  • Infrastructure and Information Technology: Improving schools’ facilities and implementing new technologies, such as low-power computing and renewable energy.

Examples: Helping decide which laptops and programs might help your school, editing a request for donations of second-hand computers, or planning for water pumps at your school.

  • Communications: Building public awareness and support for your school and encouraging students to share their stories with the world.

Examples: Developing a website for the school, editing stories about the school and helping the school use websites such as Facebook or Twitter if appropriate.

  • Business and Strategy: Planning for the future of your school, identifying new sources of funds and finding ways to reduce costs.

Examples: Editing a grant application, helping prepare a school budget or writing a business plan.

Requirements for Joining the EVN

  • Access to the Internet: Educators should have Internet access at least once a week for several hours. It is best if the Internet is available at your school but the EVN also accepts educators with regular access to Internet cafes.
  • Proof of registration: Educators must show proof that your school is a legally registered business, non-profit organization, charitable organization or government entity. If you are unable to legally register because of oppression or discrimination from the government, you will need to obtain signed references from at least 2 prominent members of the community, such as lawyers, doctors, elected officials, business owners, religious officials or journalists.
  • Regard for human rights: To be a member of EVN, you must sign a legally binding agreement that says you and your school will not deny entrance or discriminate against a student because of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, tribal affiliation or sexual orientation. However, we do allow schools to focus on a specific gender or ethnic group if the group has fewer educational opportunities.
  • Respect for the EVN’s purpose: EVN is designed to help share knowledge and expertise. It is not designed to provide direct financial assistance, and educators should not ask volunteers to donate their own money or to hold fundraisers. Educators can ask volunteers for help approaching businesses or foundations for grants, but should also ask for help with other things such as education development.
  • A willingness to share, explore and try something new: We want the EVN to be full of innovative educators who are excited to be part of something new, and willing to share stories of their school and students with the volunteers who are working to help improve the quality of education at their institution.

How to Apply to Join the EVN

To apply, e-mail [email protected] to request an application form.  For more information, please visit us online at

About the Canadian International Learning Foundation

The Canadian International Learning Foundation (CanILF) is an Ottawa-based, volunteer-run registered charity that provides and promotes professional education in areas of the world affected by war, illness and poverty.

CanILF sponsors scholarships, purchases equipment and provides development assistance for a school in Kandahar, the Afghan-Canadian Community Center. Our partnership has helped hundreds of students receive high-paying jobs, support themselves and their families and participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Through the Uganda Literacy and Education Program, CanILF sponsors scholarships and provides educational equipment for St. Paul’s Kabira Adult Attention and School of Orphans (KAASO). CanILF sponsors dozens of student scholarships through KAASO’s Community Empowerment Program, which provides training in business, literacy and small-scale industry and agriculture.

In 2011, CanILF created the Educator Volunteer Network (EVN) based on the success of the online partnerships it created between educators at these two schools and skilled volunteers in Canada. The goal of the EVN is to one day have a team of trained, dedicated international online volunteers for every educator whose students are struggling to overcome war, illness or poverty.

For more information on CanILF, please visit  To learn more about the EVN, visit

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